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Chaplain's Philosophy

Cross and Shield Ministries

Our Philosophy

Believing that God is the answer to man’s dilemma, the Chaplain bears witness to the love and power of God to the people he serves.

The Chaplain provides pastoral care to the community, outside of the traditional church setting. He works closely with all emergency service agencies, helping them deal with the stress their occupation creates.

The Chaplain is also available to assist victims of accidents, crime and/or violence and any others who suffer the trauma of crisis, regardless of race, sex, creed, or religion.

The Chaplain shall be led in his own faith and actions by God’s reconciling love. He is always available and ready to serve all who are in need.

His ministry provides a source of strength and comfort to the agencies and individuals that he serves, as well as the community at large.

The Chaplain serves as a catalyst to bring God’s love

and grace into the situations and relationships of those within the community as a whole.

Our motto is: “Taking God’s Love Into The Crisis”

Our Philosophy

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A Chaplain's Responsibilities

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