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Learn what a few of a Cross & Shield Chaplain’s Responsibilities are below.

A Chaplain's Responsibilities

Cross and Shield Ministries

The Chaplain's Responsibilities

A. Pro-Active Engagements

Attendance at various watches and duty sections.

As a Cross & Shield Chaplain you may need to perform ride-alongs with patrol officers or detectives.

As a Cross & Shield Chaplain, there may be visitations to both hospitals and homes, employees, and families.

At work and duty sections, on ride-a-longs, etc. Be creative and sensitive. Look for opportunities.

By appointment for; marital, family, employment, stress, etc.

Department representative at various functions, Public Relations.

Pre-marital counseling and wedding planning.

Award Ceremonies, Academy visits, promotion and swearing-in ceremonies.

Establishing and training volunteers for service.

Establishing a network of available resources to assist employees and families, i.e., referrals to other agencies.

B. Reactive Engagements

Emergency call out for employees on duty and off duty, support, etc.

Negotiations, SWAT emergencies, crime scenes, Critical Incident Stress Debriefing and Defusing, etc.

Mediation and suicide prevention, horrible crime scenes and trauma situations, with both citizen and officers.

For the families of crime and accident victims and departmental employees.

Injuries, sicknesses or deaths of employees or immediate family, active or retired.

Employee or family.

Examples; job related stress, marriage and family, financial, etc.

Our Philosophy

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A Chaplain's Responsibilities

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