Cross and Shield Ministries

You will find the Chaplain standing beside the First Responder, and Kneeling with the victim.

Chaplain Paul Northcut

Cross and Shield Ministries

Cross and Shield Ministries

Brining Hope & Healing To First Responders And Victims During A Crisis

Our Mission

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Our Philosophy

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What Is A Chaplain

Chaplains serve our community in a wide array of areas, read more below about what we do.

Cross and Shield Ministries is lead and directed by Chaplain Paul Northcut.
He leads a group of dedicated Chaplains that are dedicated
to help bring Jesus, love, and compassion to first responders and the
victims that have been tragically affected by a crisis.

When Disaster Strikes, Will You Be Ready?


Disasters can strike anywhere and at any time. Cross and Shield ministries and the team of Chaplains, led by Paul Northcut, are ready to respond when the disaster strikes.

Disasters come in a variety of formats. Whether they be natural, manmade, or even as a result of terrorism. We certainly live in unprecedented times and we want to make sure we are on the scene to provide both emotional and spiritual support for both the first responders as well as the victims that have been impacted by the effects of the situation.

As a Chaplain, we’re there to deliver hope during any crisis. Ask yourself this “Is your church or community prepared to deal with the next major disaster to hit your area?”

All Cross and Shield Chaplains are highly trained professionals who are dedicated to restoring hope, love, and strength through the love and grace of Jesus Christ. 

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